Thursday, February 02, 2006

10 Common Mistakes That Cost Sellers Dollars

Now that we are experiencing a more balanced real estate market, Sellers have to do more than place a sign in the yard, set a price 20% higher than the house down the street that sold last week and have 2-3 offers in their hand in a couple of days.

Buyers are more discriminating. They will not accept a home with the defects they might have put up with just 6 months ago. So, what mistakes should a Seller avoid for a profitable and smooth transaction?
  1. Improper pricing
  2. Not providing access
  3. Bad housekeeping
  4. Not making repairs
  5. Poor showing techniques
  6. Relying on traditional methods
  7. Being emotional
  8. Unqualified prospects
  9. Not knowing the market
  10. Choosing the wrong agent

Click here for an Interactive Seller Guide on how not to make these costly mistakes. Or, contact us, 866-222-0158 #550 for more personalized information.


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